Swapping the car for the bus

By Clémence LyonnetLex Kleren Switch to French for original article

Luxembourg is the first country in the world to offer a public transport network entirely free of charge to its population, but will this encourage people to travel less by car? The Journal investigated.

"In Luxembourg City, public transport is very convenient", says Julien Wald, a 21-year-old Luxembourger. For him, keeping an eye on his carbon footprint is essential because, having been very involved in the Youth for Climate Luxembourg (YFCL) movement before leaving to study in the Netherlands, he is well aware of the challenges of climate change. For this reason, the young man decided not to take his driving licence: "I was very active in the YFCL movement and I know that the biggest source of CO₂ emissions in Luxembourg lies in transport. Not having a licence means I don't have to take part in these emissions, so I get around by using public transport." Dedicated to his cause, he even ventures across the Grand Duchy using only the public transport network or by walking during the Every Corner Tour of Luxembourg. Accompanied by three friends, he visited the country's 102 municipalities during the summer of 2020, which allowed him to travel despite the health crisis but also to take advantage of free transport.

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