On shaky grounds

By Jesse DhurMisch Pautsch

Traditionally, the areas of diplomacy, development, and defence have been masculinist domains. Following Sweden's pioneering model, some governments have recently begun to incorporate feminist perspectives in their foreign policies. While Luxembourg was one of the first countries to do so, its feminist foreign policy has so far led a rather quiet existence.

"I am a little pessimistic about whether feminist foreign policy will remain a significant perspective in Luxembourg's official affairs. As was the case in Sweden last year, a change of government could all too quickly lead to the approach being discarded, " warns Isabelle Schmoetten of CID Fraen an Gender. "As a matter of fact, social progress is always at risk, and achievements in gender equality and women's rights must be fought for continuously, " the director of the feminist organisation recalls. Against the backdrop of rising anti-gender offensives, women and girls increasingly becoming targets in war contexts, and feminist revolutions being led in Iran and Afghanistan, support for policies that advocate women's struggle and gender mainstreaming is all the more urgent.

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