"A pessimist very rarely becomes an entrepreneur"

By Sarah RaparoliLex Kleren Switch to German for original article

It's no secret: not all businesses in Luxembourg will survive the crisis. If the first lockdown was just about coped with, the second one was imminent. Entrepreneurs from all sectors are suffering from the current situation and hope that the light at the end of the tunnel will finally get brighter. Nevertheless, there are small success stories or those that could become so. The Lëtzebuerger Journal spoke with two self-employed people who say they have managed the crisis (well) so far.

It's cold and wet in the capital. The skate shop Olliewood has only been open for barely half an hour, but is slowly filling up with people – with due regard to current hygiene regulations, of course. It is December 24th, the last day in 2020 that shops in Luxembourg will be open before the new policies enter into force 48 hours later. But the team’s mood around shop owner Dan Gantrel is by no means gloomy. Offering the customer a real "shopping experience" is the skate shop’s motto – even with possible further lockdowns on the doorstep.

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"A pessimist very rarely becomes an entrepreneur"


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