Pandemics: Humanity needs to pay up

By Camille Frati Switch to French for original article

On Tuesday April 26, IMS Luxembourg presents La fabrique des pandémies, a hard-hitting documentary on the causal link between the destruction of biodiversity and the emergence of infectious diseases dangerous to humans. Climate, environment, health: everything is interconnected. Director Marie-Monique Robin gives an exclusive insight into this to the Lëtzebuerger Journal.

Long presented as the number one suspect in the transmission of Sars-Cov2 from animals to humans, the pangolin has now been cleared of all responsibility. Well, not quite, since it could have transmitted this coronavirus carried by a bat. The question is: Why has this transmission happened only now, when this virus has probably existed for thousands of years without ever having reached humans before?  

This is the question that French journalist and director Marie-Monique Robin answers in her latest documentary, La fabrique des pandémies, which was screened this Tuesday by IMS Luxembourg after a prestigious preview at UNESCO headquarters in Paris last week in front of 1,800 people, as part of Earth Day. 

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