Luxembourg Waffle - Brad Elsbury

By Laura TomassiniTeodor GeorgievDaniel Nepgen

In this podcast series, Laura and Teo are joined by guests who found their place in the Grand Duchy. The Luxembourg Waffle is about all the little (and not so little) things that make the melting pot Luxembourg so very unique.

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Luxembourg Waffle - Ep. 3

Brad Elsbury

In this episode, the chatty engineer from the USA talks about the innovative work at Luxembourg-based company Gradel, shares some amazing stories about his side gig as a daring artist and photographer, and confirms some stereotypes surrounding Texans (and yes: cowboy hats are part of the discussion). Laura and Teo gauge the level of Brad's assimilation in Luxembourg and broaden his horizon with some Luxembourgish culture.

This episode was recorded on February 14th.

*in English