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By Franziska PeschelMisch PautschAnouk Flesch Switch to German for original article

The board game community is on the move. The country's first completely analogue board game café opened in March and a lot has been happening in the background recently. Time for an inside look.

Two roundish men with little hair walk purposefully along Rue Berwart in Esch. They stop in front of building number 8, one pulls open the frosted glass door, the other has a rolling suitcase behind him. They pass the counter and head straight for the largest of the tables, in the middle of the room. The two quickly unpack the suitcase, put it on the floor and unzip it. A few moments later, a map of Europe is put on the table, next to boxes and plastic crates with tiles, maps, glass stones and colourful plastic figures. They hardly speak and set to work with practised grips.

Soon "Railways of Europe" is spread all over the table and soon they can start. A woman comes to the table. "Can I play?" This was obviously not part of their plan. Nevertheless, they invite her to sit down, switch to French and start explaining the rules of the game. Just explaining the rules will take about an hour. "On Fridays, the experts are here", Jacqueline Poupart explains. She and her boyfriend opened the games café named Bei de Minettsdäpp in March.

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