A burdensome work permit

By Christian BlockLex Kleren Switch to German for original article

Although no decrease in asylum applications is foreseeable, the state is having a hard time with the professional integration of protection seekers. The simplification of the work permit that has been announced for years remains in the pipeline. But that is not enough.

The fate of the Abu Alshawshy family will probably remain uncertain until the end. Maha and Fouad have been living in the Grand Duchy with their four children for almost four years. They fled Libya by boat. The Aquarius harbored them in the Mediterranean Sea. They stayed on the ship for a week because the EU states were once again in conflict and no one was willing to admit the refugees.

When they finally reach Luxembourg via Malta, they apply for asylum. But because the immigration authorities had doubts about their reasons for fleeing, their application for international protection was rejected. Since then, the family has been trying to appeal the Foreign Ministry's decision through the courts. They want to stay.

The only wish they have is to be able to live "like a normal family, " says the 42-year-old father. To this end, Maha and Fouad have already done a lot, are attending language courses and looking for work. Fouad, for example, has worked in the gastronomy sector. For a short time, they are even offered the opportunity to rent a house. But because Fouad's work permit is only approved at the second attempt, the opportunity passes.

They cannot imagine returning to their home country. If only because of the children who have settled in here. Moreover, "everything" in Libya is controlled by Islamist militias, Fouad reports. Although Libya is not on Luxembourg's list of so-called safe countries of origin, the immigration authorities seem to assume that a return is possible. Although the country is still in a "severe political crisis" and a renewed outbreak of civil war cannot be ruled out.

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