The birth of your dreams

By Audrey SomnardLex Kleren Switch to French for original article

Pregnant women in Luxembourg have few options but to give birth to their child in a hospital. For some women, this lack of choice is a trauma, a form of obstetric violence. Recently, the CNS started reimbursed home births, an option welcomed by midwives.

For some women, giving birth was the most beautiful day of their lives. For others, it is a traumatic memory that is difficult to forget. Patricia* (name changed by the editors) took over the Facebook page The Roses Revolution Luxembourg a few months ago, a good way for her to gather testimonies of women who have suffered obstetric violence.

She herself gave birth to her child two years ago, an event that triggered a depression for three months, a period when this young mother was not able to take care of her newborn. She then joined the support group and collected the testimonies of many other women collected anonymously.

The young mother does not want to point the finger at the caregivers, but she denounces the system: "Out of 10 hours of on-call duty, the midwives have up to 6 deliveries, it's way too much! The organization is such that there is a glaring lack of staff, the staff is tired and can be aggressive towards mothers who are particularly vulnerable." She is certain that the medical team delayed her delivery so that they could take care of her: "I wanted a natural delivery, but the team decided otherwise. There were nine rooms for 13 deliveries, I was given a double epidural to delay my delivery so that the team would have time to accommodate everyone", she accuses.

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