Hello Esports - Are Esports a sport?

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Welcome to this branded podcast by Orange, Lëtzebuerger Journal and the Luxembourg Esports Federation (LESF) about all things Esports in Luxembourg. Maxime Toussaint meets up with actors from the video games scene to discover more about the world of competitive gaming.

#12 Are Esports a sport?

Are Esports a sport? It's the burning question that has divided the world for years. Some countries like South Korea, the birthplace of competitive gaming, have already recognised it as an official sport. But others are still grappling with the idea.

Maxime decided to dig deeper and find out what it really takes for an innovation to be recognised as a full-fledged sport. He sat down with Luxembourg's Minister of Sport, Georges Engel, who gave his opinion on the matter and shared insights into the process and criteria that are used to determine if an activity qualifies as such. He also spoke with Vincent Pereira, Head of Virtual Sports at the International Olympic Committee, as they freshly announced the first-ever Olympic Esports Series on March 1, 2023.