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If the attic is overflowing with boxes, the new house is not yet ready to move into or a family member dies, then surplus items need to find a place to be stored somewhere. One option that is increasingly taking shape in Luxembourg are storage units for rent.

You know them from thrillers and horror films, these gloomy corridors with flickering lights, rows and rows of garage doors to the left and right. Behind them are boxes of old family photos, dusty antiques or evidence from the latest murder case – hidden in a hall of anonymity. Luxembourg also has storage units that keep the belongings of the living and the deceased. However, the rentable units are not quite as gloomy as in Hollywood blockbusters. On the contrary: there is plenty of hustle and bustle here and no room for crime.

Denis Zago has been operating a park with storage units in the Grand Duchy since 2022. The site in Betzdorf/Roodt-sur-Syre is home to containers rather than garages, offering open-air space for all kinds of things. When the entrepreneur opened the "Self-Stockage Drive" of the French provider MondialBox a year ago, there were not many similar offers in this country. However, the demand for more storage space has existed for some time and explains the fact that the container park has been fully booked for six months.

Anonymous and secure

"People have less and less space in Luxembourg. Many new buildings no longer have attics, the cellars are relatively small and there is only limited storage space in the flats themselves, " Zago analyses. Rentable storage units are therefore just the thing for all those who do not (yet) want to part with their possessions or only need them from time to time. The latter applies above all to MondialBox's professional clientele, says the operator: "Many of my customers are tradespeople or companies that carry out maintenance work on household appliances. They store their spare parts here and collect them when they are needed."

Company archives, garden materials or patio furniture from cafés and restaurants also find a home in Betzdorf, as the containers are not only available in ten different sizes, but are also secured against moisture and break-ins. "We've never had a theft incident here because the entire site is equipped with cameras and an alarm system, and the police office is just 400 metres away. And if someone does manage to get in here unnoticed, they first have to find a container with valuables in it, because the storage units are all anonymised, " says Zago.

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