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Welcome to this podcast by Orange, Lëtzebuerger Journal and the Luxembourg Esports Federation (LESF) about all things Esports in Luxembourg. Maxime Toussaint meets up with actors from the video games scene to discover more about the world of competitive gaming.

#10 Fit4Gaming

In this episode, Maxime takes you on an adventure. On November 28th, Fit4Gaming – a multivenue project that aims to promote integration through video games – was launched in Differdange. Our host decided to go and have a look at it. In between FIFA games and interactions with the youngsters on site, he took the opportunity to talk to organisers Kevin Hoffmann – co-founder of forward – and Lisa Krecké – Integration Project Coordinator at the Ministry of Family Affairs, Integration and the Greater Region – who explained how they plan to use the too-often-misjudged gaming universe for a good cause.

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