Hannert der Fassad - Charlie Michelli

Von Lynn Warken Artikel nur auf Englisch verfügbar

Talk and music in the mix. Charlie Michelli provides a glimpse into their world. The queer hairdresser from the Minett region shares with us their playlist about their difficult journey from Brazil to Luxembourg.

What could be more intimate than sharing your favourite songs with someone? And also, to explain why you listen to those songs. The Lëtzebuerger Journal presents "Hannert der Fassad" (Behind the facade), an innovative interview format on Spotify that shows the many facets of our guests, condensed into a playlist.

It's a bit like radio, but better.

Important: Do not shuffle the playlist on Spotify. Just press the large play button at the top of the playlist and let it run through. To listen to the full interview segments and songs, you have to head over to the Spotify app or website. This is just a preview.